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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)
kratom plant mitragyna speciosa thai

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is a time and a purpose for everything under the heavens."

Perennial: Yes. Keep in weather above 50 degrees, and you'll be fine. Bring inside for cold weather, or anything below 50.

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Here are the seeds: facebook link Let me know if it is broken. Email Kratom seeds are easy enough to germinate, but they are the type of seeds that require patience and the right time. Wait until there is no more chance of cool or cold weather ( above 50 only ). Plant them and just leave them. Don't water them or anything just put them in a shady spot ( if you're in the south US ), and just let nature take its course. They are those kind of seeds. Cover them. Once they're germinated and fragile little babies, I like to put a plastic tupper wear lid over them in their little pots. Once they're bigger, you can transplant. They'll come bak every year. Remember, Kratom is a tree, and can grow in as big of a pot as you can provide. They would prefer the ground.

Plant Care: It's most important to put it in a place where it gets lots of shade if you live in the southern United States. It will get sunlight no matter what. This will cut down on the amount of water you have to give you live kratom plants. The more sun you give it, the more water it will require. This makes more work for you, and puts the plants through more stress, and leaves more room for the mistake of over-watering. Make sure the soil drains well. Never water your plant when the soil is already wet.

How To Clone Kratom (Cuttings)

You don't need cloning gel or anything. Take a cutting with a knife or pair of scisors, and pick one that's fresh, and one that's older and has a stalk that looks more like a tree. Scrape a small amount of the outer stem off gently with a knife or sciscors and then poke it down in some prepared dirt ( in the hole ), that simple. Keep them in a shady spot covered. A plastic bag works well. Get a tall plastic clear bag that seals at the top and it makes a nice ghetto green house. They will love this environment.

Topping: Maximizing Yield

You can maximize your kratom yield by cutting the top off of every new end. This will cause the plant to grow new shoots, and bush out. There's no limit to how much you can bush it out. The photograph below illustrates what a kratom tree looks like that's been heavily topped, and has bushed out nicely.

live kratom plant

When to harvest kratom?
The older the better some say, but no matter where you go, you always hear something different. I can tell you that Kratom grown in the USA is nothing like the stuff that comes from Indonesia. I believe the secret is the age of the trees. Plus a Kratom tree in indonesia is more like a tree, whereas most Kratom plants in the US are more like a bush ( a pet ). If you live in a place where it drops below 50 in the winter or fall, then bring your plant in so it doesn't drop all of its leaves and die. The older the leaf, the better. Some argue and say you can harvest them anytime, and I have. I still think older means better. Try to plant your live tree in the ground also.

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