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Feel free to reach out about anything. If you're interested in advertising, shoot me a line as well. I market things differently these days, as the rules on Google have changed. Sites are not aloud to be loaded full of affiliate ads anymore. I use the links.html page for marketing mostly, and linking to others just to do something nice and for the cause. I have over ten years experience in online affiliate marketing, and in sales. I have communication skills as well. Feel free to reach out in regards to business, or personal. Thanks! I will add my social media here soon.

Legal disclaimer: I am a Christian and warn against shamanic doctrine. I'm making sure not to link to anyone who has anything shamanic on their site anymore, and by that I mean that words "shaman" or anything related, or anything grey area sense I'm blowing the whistle on the controlled substances that certain plants contain(they're still legal for ornamental purposes). As long as they don't have the doctrine or mention anything forbidden in the bible, I will link to them. I need to double check worldseedsupply for that reason. People dont need me to find this stuff they can google it. My days of marketing them is over. I'm here to expose shamanism and spread Gods word. I judge each plant individually by its fruits, and warn against ones that are dangerous. I am pro Cannabais and pro Kratom. I'm against Bella donna, datura, and henbane, and dangerous ayahusca brews that contain henbane, bella donan, and datura.

Disclaimer continued: This website is meant to inform. I am not encouraging illegal or dangerous behavior. Thanks. I don't link to sellers of grey area ethnobotanicals anymore. It'll get a white van parked outside your house, and did the last time I did that. You can buy all of these and find them with an easy internet search.

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Want to spice up your blog or website with some really cool graphical banners, and support this great project at the same time? Here are some graphical banner ads you can add to your blog or website! Feel free to reach out to me for business or personal related inquiries. Make the subject line specific and personal, so that I don't think it's spam.

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