Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)
kratom plant mitragyna speciosa thai


Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is a time and a purpose for everything under the heavens."





In Jesus Christ name I pray, and in the name of the Most High God I pray. God, please protect the innocent American consumers and entrepaneurs who import this stuff for personal use and medical use and or for resale, both private and under the table, and taxable. Please guide people to my page, the right people, and speak to them. Show them the scholarly sources that prove the FDA is lying, show them the points, please put the fear of God in the FDA and keep them from destroying innocent lives and crushing small businesses. Please give American patriots and activist the stregnth and means to successfully overthrow and repeal them all together. Please help us to fight and win this war the government is waging to medically enslave us all into their pharmakeia. Amen.

By all means, please contact the FDA in 3 forms, and let them know your views. Every little bit helps! Ask them to ban neurotoxic proplyene glycol while they're at it. With socialist banning users for trying to share petitions ( I had my instagram deleted when I tried to put a space in a kratom petition url because they had the url blocked, immediately my account was banned ), they can not censor your phone conversation yet. Down the road one day eventually if things keep getting worse, they may seek to censor and oppress telephone communications. Until then we need to take advantage of its existence and freedom of use.

1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)

Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002 The first thing I want to do, is invite you to join my Herbalism group on Mewe social media platform, it rocks. I think it's better than any other platform, tied with Wireclub. Herbalism Group On MeWe It's free to join of course, for those not familiar with social media groups. Let's get on with the blog, shall we?

URGENT! The FDA is going state to state trying to ban our God given herb, while socialist are stealing from other sellers and then reselling ( they may even be lacing kratom, so avoid brands with occult symbolism ( graven imagery , and buy from the suppliers in Indonesia that I suggest below ). As usual, please follow and support the American Kratom Association and their efforts to keep it legal but don't support the Kratom Consumer Protection ACt because it limits the potency most of the time which makes most of it illegal! It's a sneaky way to ban it that some infiltrators have came up with, so you gotta join the AKA YOURSELF to stop it!. We have won for years and years, and will continue to as long as we don't stop pressing forward! You gotta understand that we have rights and we need to exercise them. Don't adopt the mind state that there's nothing we can do because that is the mind-state that leaves us on the losing end as people. People need to know the truth about the effects of this harmless plant. We don't need to be put in jail. Unnecessary regulations are the far right's method for taking over industry, and it's their way of smashing your small business windows in, and it should not be tolerated and will not be!

The fentanyl category of opioids accounted for 53,480 preventable deaths in 2020, representing a 59% increase over the 33,725 total in 2019. #fentaynl Serpent medical and the FDA are not protecting you, they're protecting pharma killers profits. Repeal the idiots. They also police the truth, and make false claims that scientific facts are false medical claims. The video below illustrates that the FDA and Gov ignore things they should b e going after, while allowing medical genocide to take place. They're not helping, and the proof is right in front of you.

Below is a list of blogs I've written on Kratom. They contain academic citations. The ones that may be lacking, I am going through and adding more scholarly citations to. I'm ramping up my efforts to fight fake news with more and more references to studies conducted by phytochemist and other researchers around the globe. Please support Botanical Guides as we are being suppressed on social media! A small donation can help keep this site alive. Feel free to make a purchase through our advertisers to help support BG financially as well. Enjoy the list of great articles and strains this site promotes. If you're a seller you can pay me for adspace here. If you're a reader and want to check out more resources, references, citations, you can do so at the bottom of my pages. I post a lot of links there, and academic dabatases, activist organizations, encyclopedia entries, and other useful and legitimate sourcing and resources are made available to you. Encourage others to use the internet right, instead of resorting to facebook meme's.

Use Responsibly; God is your doctor.

Jeremiah 46:11 "Go up to Gilead, and take balm, o Virgin, The daughter of Egypt: in vain thou used many meidcines; for thou shalt not be cured." KJV This warns us to not abuse medicine. If you want it to work, you gotta use it properly, and responsibly. Tolerance can lead to your medication not being effetive. The bible also tells us that God is the one that heals, and he can even send the pestilence(sickness). Exodus 15:26 "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord, thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statues, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee." There ya go, the bible tells, God can make you sick, and he can heal you. He heals supernaturally, and through seed bearing herb and seed. Another verse: Psalm 91:3 For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence. (NASB Ver by Zondervan Bibles)

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Kratom is the name given to the leaf of a tree with effects like that of opiates. The plant actually creates pharmacological chemicals that interact with opiate receptors in the human body. One of the main chemicals is called mitragynine. There are many others, and obviously phytochemical research has been done on it as well. Today people everywhere swear that they are treating opiate withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and using it as a recreational treat that has never killed anyone. I'm not making a medical claim here, just simply telling you what people think and swear by. Try to find one case of a death that this herb has caused. If you can materialize one legitimately then I will give you credit. In my opinion, I think that the worse that will happen is taking too much will make you feel lousy, which is much better than death.

I'd really like to see this wonderful gift from God be used responsibly, avoid annoying regulations, and remain legal. It has produced very astonishing results which individuals are reporting worldwide. Others have criticized or condemned its use. I see a wonderful thing. From my perspective, the intelligence that has programmed the configuration within the DNA of this plant seems to have intentionally configured its active constituents to produce mildly negative side effects when abused(taken in excess daily for long-term periods of time). This does not mean that its dangerous or by any means lethal like pills are. Serpent medical and the far right want everything controlled by them, so that we are all slaves equally. They hate the American dream, and free enterprise. Above all, they hate God himself, as they try to ban his seed bearing herb, while pushing fake immitations of that which God has created in plants ( a clear violation of the second commandment ). People don't know that serpent medical is just making synthetic versions of naturally occurring chemical compoents of medicinal plants and telling everyone the herb is bad, and then "here , take out pill instead.". It's sick. Remember 9/11? 911? Yeah. It's the invasion of 911 idiots.

The negative side effects are much less than that of pharmaceuticals, and have never been attributed to death(do you're research). Worst case if you take too much you'll just get sleepy. I figured that pointing that, and other things like that out are crucial in protecting the public and assisting in keeping this herb legal. This will prevent problems and keep things the way they should be. I think It's important for everyone to know how to use things properly, using caution and avoiding excess or daily use as well, unless of course, you need it for pain or other medical reasons. Even when used in excess and daily, it seems to be over-all safe, not leading to death, and not causing more health problems than its used to treat. That's just my point of view though. Anyone can pull up academic facts regarding Kratom so don't let the liars fool you with their gaslighting and relentless narrative that the sky is orange. Use Google Scholar at to pull up facts and you can even cite the sources easily there with their citation tool. This way you can prove these haters and liars wrong easily, and using sholarly facts documented by trained and education profesisonals and scientist. They hate it. They hate the truth, and they hate the American spirit and activism even more, which is why you must continue to do what you do. Fear not my friend, God is in charge. Make friends with the man up stairs and let's ake some stuff happen.

I respect the fact that the DEA listened to what the American people wanted, and they backed off. They acknowledged the science. I think we should give credit where credit is due at least. Another agency though supposedly claims that twelve lives have been taken because of it or something like that. First of all, I don't believe it. They have never proven that this was so, only found it in the persons system upon autopsy. So the person could have had caffeine in their body also, but no one is going around saying that caffeine killed these men and women. Twelve deaths vs 100,000 per year that die from other things would indicate a remarkably safer substance.[1]. Let us defend God as a country, and abide in him, that he may be our leader, and not these false medical nazi's and control fear social media companies. We must prioritize God as a nation, and stop asking all these false gods for deliverance. Worship him, as it ushers in his presence. Let him know that we want his authority to reign supreme.

Second, if it's banned, it will not disappear. Instead, it will be handed over to the black market where the real danger is. Shady drug dealers may lace it with harmful substances, sell something completely different to the public, and drug related violence may increase. Third, It will also give the Mexican drug cartels an opportunity to make more money on their underground empire. If there's anything we should have learned from prohibition it's that it doesn't work and it always makes things worse. If they were to ban it, they would just find a loop whole like they did with hemp, that would allow them to grow it and then make over the counter products out of it, via mass extraction and synthetic versions of it. Don't fall for this folks.. They want to sell it to you, they just want to ruin it first, and make sure that only they can grow it and manufacture it. It's about robbing the American people of the American dream and their God given seed bearing herbs. This is an attempted medical takeover folks, and it's serpent medical not God's medical. Moses didn't take pills dude, and he would never have aqua supremacist cops trying to frame him or come after him for not conforming to their opinion. The far right wants to destroy those who don't conform. They'll call you crazy.

Number four on my list of reasons that prohibiting this plant is retarded is the fact that millions if not billions of Americans and others around the world have found that it can give them the quality of life they deserve, without damaging the liver or causing death by over-dose. While legal, it's cheap, giving people much more bang for their buck, and you don't need a prescription so anyone can get what they need with little to no trouble. Who want's to go through a bunch of trouble and spend a ton of money WHILE IN PAIN just to get relief? If anyone could just go right down the road and buy an herb for cheap that works even better for them, why not let them? This is about controlling the population, and taking away their freedom, all in the name of greed. If you try to make something illegal that more than half of the population consume and have something to do with, then you're saying you're going to try to jail half or more than half ot the population, for something as genign as Marijuana or Tobacco or Coffee. It's tyranical, and moronic, and diabolical. It must not be allowed to happen. Seek God. Defend God, and he will defend you. He will defend you even if not, but the more you do unrighteous, the more he will allow the enemy to punish you. The fact that they don't want you to have a natural pain medicine to take your pain away, because they can't profit, shows their lack of empathy, compassion, and decency all around. It basically exposes the fact that these people are sick psychopaths. Do me a favor today, and read the wikipedia entry on Gaslighting, and you can read about it on Google Scholar as well. God bless you. Don't tolerate abuse. Outsmart them, don't try to fix them.


Basically it's an herb that has all the same properties as opiates. It demonstrates opiate like properties without containing the actual chemicals. It can be either stimulating or sedative, thus working like caffeine or a sedative to help with sleep. Its main active constituent is known as mitragynine, and related other chemicals. They are sorta like Caffeine or THC, in the way that they are both manufactured within the plant. Everybody loves it. On top of all of this, it has antioxidants, and contains some of the same beneficial phytochemicals that are in chocolate and green tea. It also contains ECGC, a powerful antioxidant also found in chocolate and green tea as well. Pills don't have that! Instead, they have dangerous fillers and tylenol, which kills your liver. Way to go DEA! You guys are so smart and know what's best for us.(sarcasm) I wrote a full blog on what kratom feels like if you're interested.

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I decided not to even worry about dodging keyword stuffing on this because if I have to go out of my way to avoid it then I'm doing it naturally. I just want a good internal link structure and ya know what, sometimes I just don't feel like conforming to the modern crap web and would like to keep it real so here are other important links on this blog related to Kratom:

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Did you know that a simple possession of this plant was at one time punishable by the death penalty in Thailand? It's kinda sad to think someone doing something harmless that they enjoy which improves the quality of their life could have them killed by psychopathic dictators. People like this stuff and the haters need to back off. In its native habitat its thought of sort of a nootropic. People use it to get work done. They truly find it in the homeland of the plant to energize and vitalize the body. It seems to help them focus and also makes them motivated. Its enjoyed by everyone in these countries, where it grows in the wild. I find it to be the ultimate study substance.

Precautions: In my opinion it's not for people with heart conditions because it can act as a powerful stimulant. At the same time, we can't really find any deaths attributed to its use, and only twelve that were mere speculation or accusations. Do not combine with any other substance especially MAOIS or SSRIS. Do not use in excess. Talk to your doctor before use.

I want everyone to be aware about this push between polarities. The enemy wants to take over all our industries, including Kratom. Because of this, I want you to be very careful about who you buy from. In fact, get your kratom from Indonesia guys. Just look up "Kratom" and look for Indonesian people on social media and ask them. ALL KRATOM IN THE US COMES FROM INDONESIA, AND YOU YOURSELF CAN GET $50 KILO's STRAIGHT FROM THEM ALL DAY LONG EASILY! SELLERS THEY'RE EASY TO FIND AND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!! GO IN BUSINESS! FLOOD OUR STREETS WITH IT !!! Here let me pull one up for you real quick, : Suhari KBotanic, is his name, he's on Whatsapp here he sells $50 kilo's free shipping, and you can also find him on Facebook here ( tell him Scott sent you ). All Kratom in America comes from Indonesia where he lives. Spread the word! His Facebook is "Meli Yani" make sure the phone numbers start with +62 to know for sure it's really him (it's their country code)

I tell you this because I want the small seller to survive, and I don't want these far right neo nazi bullies to take over this industry or any other so I encourage you to spread the word. It is legal, and we need to spread it across our great nation. They're networks of free masons and such, other occult, and enemy groups ( luciferian in nature ), that want to dominate the world. Fortunately they are losing, and have come up with this tactic that when they can't win, they repeat the same threats anyway. For example, how the FDA keeps acting like they can ban kratom when they can't. Despite the fact that this is well established and Activist have won every single battle sense the beginning, they continue to play boss. God's in charge, and we're certainly above them in everyway. Keep rockin it team righteousness. Avoid shops that have occult symbolism, weird graven images as logos.

If you read, and paid attention, I've revealed to you where all kratom in the USA comes from, Indonesia, and that it can cost as low as $50 per kilo, or even down to $25 if you buy enough of it. It's legal, and you don't need any special license for these prices. Anney up boys! You can find them on social media.

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