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I'm thrilled to bring back a page that all websites used to share back in the old school days! That page is "links.html" ! This makes it much easier to modify who I link to, and which affiliate programs I promote. I will be promoting my own shop here, and others as well.

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The page jumps below will make it easier for you to navigate the links section herein. Enjoy!


Ecclesiasticus 38:4 "The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them."


Cashapp: $BotanicalG420
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My shops / projects:

My Angelfire blog! - a cool Christian blog that I put together. Angelfire rocks.!

My Afternic Profile ( Domains for sale )

Not mine:

Judson Carroll, Master Herbalist

Sebastian guthery Bible verse tea! and bible verse bookmarks!

Derek Prince Ministries

Derek Prince - The Nature Of Witchcraft

Hearing Gods Voice

Kratom Affiliate Programs That Work:

I was an affiliate marketer for ten years. What I learned was, most companies will rip you off, and gaslight you. They'll let you make them $2500 a month and not pay you, or throw you a 20 dollar package. Jeff from Phytoextractum and left coast kratom however, is legit, honest, an will pay you what it is worth with no b.s. Never allow someone to pay you slave labor for your services. If you're on the first to third page of Google, you're site is worth the big bucks. Never advertise for fortune 500 companies like Amazon as they will pay you slave labor. Marketing is best for getting off the ground, your resume, and making connections for a future business.


Left Coast Kratom

Kratom activism:

American Kratom Association

Wholesale Botanicals From South Africa:

I am anti-socialist, and want to see more entrepaneurs popup and succeed to give these haters more to cry about. I openly share wholesale connections herein because of this.

Contact me if you want your shop listed here.

Cannabis Seeds/Hemp:

Fields of hemp is a family owned non-socialist business. They don't sell synthetics which is why I love them, and their prices are unbelievable! $50 for a pound of trim/shake! Their product comes with seeds as well! I don't get paid for promoting them here.

Fields Of Hemp LLC - $50 pounds of Hemp (no synthetics)

Shops I Admire & Want To Support:

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Foster Farm Botanicals is a really rad shop. I love everything about them, from the look and feel of their really dope website, to the quality of their prices, and just the vibe in general. I also like that they're not the big corporate chains that we all know of like these big pharma vitamin/supplement companies. Always buy from a non-fortune 500 source! Never support socialism nor their businesses! Foster Farm Botanicals All the way! I wish they would launch an affiliate program. I want to advertise for them. I'll keep bugging them until they come through.

Wholesale Essential Oils From South Africa

I don't necessarily claim to know the purpose for psychedelics but I believe they have one. However, their purpose is not what krystle cole, alex grey, bouncing bear botanicals, and timothy leary were pushing. Don't eat the fruit. They are pushing sorcery(pharmakeia, shamanism, witchcraft). These synthetic psychedelics are the "neon god they made" See: sounds of silence Spirits speak without speaking, and you hear them without listening. Tune in to the right spirit, the holy spirit.

Book Shops:

Socialist hate books, as they are important. I promote them because of this. The link has my own personal shop that I am workin on. It's pretty cool!! BOOKS FOR SALE!

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Note to christians: Kratom has no connection to the occult. Warn people not to idolize it though. There's nothing wrong with the stuff but most of them disagree with me. I don't care. Let the fools follow the crowd. I know the truth and won't conform to the majority of the herd.

The FDA can not ban kratom, so now the socialist are lying and cheating. Large shipments of kratom were stolen from Edens Ethnobotanicals, and neo nazis, freemasons, and other supremacist cheaters are selling his stolen kratom across the country. To combat this, I want the entrepaneur and consumer to win, so I am sharing connections in Indonesia where you can buy kilos from 25-50 per kilo with free shipping. It's legal to import into the USA. The FDA does steal kratom(seize it), but you won't be arrested. Worst case scenario, they'll take it ( but you should only be concerned if you're importing metric tons of kratom ). Customs will never size a kilo. It's a legal comodity, and a kilo is not a lot of something when it is legal. I import kratom to this day and so can you. Never pay some cheater for something you can get straight from the source. The kratom that comes from Indonesia is way better, way more potent, and much safer than the stuff in the USA. Also, there are masonic shops selling tainted product ( synthetic versions of the drug have popped up across the USA ) Beware of shops with occult/freemasonic symbolism! They're selling stolen kratom and don't want the Indonesians or the non-socialist entrepaneurs to make money in this industry. The kratom market in the US is being rigged much like the Cannabis market. Get it straight from the source!

Syaquil Kratom!


Kratom Seeds For Sale

Mulyadi Kratom

AMN Kratom [Facebook]
Whatsapp: +62 899 0981 088

Kratom Wholesale Indonesia!


Aap Riadi Botanesia $50 Kratom Kilo's


PT Nijah Trading International

Rangga Permana Limianto Kratom!

San Qua Botanicals

Search engines: - The best way to judge a search engine, is do a search, and then compare it to the big engines. You'll notice a lot of shops that are not even listed on the big engines show up on There's a lot of socialist oppression going on right now, and these search engines help combat that by being fair and providing quality for the market and economy. Use them! - This search engine has tons of free tools for webmasters too, including analytics, and SEO tools. Angelfire lets you put up a free website. It's rad. It used to show up on the first page of the big search engines but they oppress free speech now and run their supremacy for fortune 500. Free websites with no ads! Geocities offers free webhosting with no ads as well!

Creator tools:

Seobility - SEO Tools [ also has free seo tools] Editing tools for your projects. Resize, crop, meme generator, etc. Has image compression tools also for SEO. Free images for you to use with no attribution required. Legal to use for commercial use as well ( you can make money with them ) is a rad online citation tool. It lets you search for books and other sources, and then copy the citation to the clipboard with the click of a mouse. I use it to cite sources when I work on this site. It's rad.

Other Botanical Sites One of the oldest botanical sites online.

Scholarly is the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. They offer many scholarly facts on plants discussed on this website, including peyote, iboga, kratom, ayahuasca, psilocybin, etc.

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March 18, 2024