What happened to Edens Ethnobotanicals aka 'edens ethnos'?

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What happened to Edens Ethnobotanicals? (edens ethnos)?
He was illegally raided.
sebastian guthery edens ethnos

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What happened to Edens Ethnobotanicals

Let's look at motive first: He was the big dawg, he was influential ( he played a role in the foundation of the American Kratom Association, and the American Kratom Trade Association, ran a multi-million-dollar business, and was targeted because of this. He was also into new-age occultism. They also provided ethnobotanical specimens for RESEARCHERS(Scholars, Scientist, Universities) It says on his website ( link here ) that: "We only sell our products to businesses, researchers and universities. We do NOT sell to the general public and enforce and anti-online sales policy."

This story here is important before you go on https://www.courthousenews.com/major-kratom-importers-guilty-plea-stirs-questions/ It opens in a new window.

Edens ethnos went offline mysteriously in 2018. At least at first. only until recently did I find the story above. The authorities ( the corrupt ones ) tried to bait me by sending me 100k in kratom with my name on it to me that came from edens ethnos that they had just finished raiding(diabolical right?). It was a trick so they could steal it but when kratom wasn't made illegal, they accidentally made me potentially wealthy instead(It is all gone now, stolen. It would have been illegitimate wealth and I am glad it is gone). It was stolen from me and I am gratful that it is gone because it was stolen and it was a curse becauase of that, a curse that is not thankfully over. Praise the Lord.

The owner was illegally persecuted that's what. Then the crooked neo nazi scum sent me a package for over 100k in kratom that belonged to the owner of another company. I am gratful to God for delivering me from it but I came out on top and serve the Lord today. This was a diabolical plot meant to hurt two entrepaneurs at once by corrupt offiials in the government ( irs and police and fda possibly crooked dea as well, neo nazi's, the ones behind nobodyhasthe.biz ). They used edens ethnos product to bait and destroy my reputation. I had just gotten hooked up with a great couple of enrepaneurs. I was working with the guy that supplied bouncing bear botanicals with their plants an seeds as he moved kratom plants and kratom [shon was his name] ( we worked together on that ) , and I was working with another 3 companies owned by the same dude that I won't mention for legal reasons. I don't think he wants me to mention him intuitively. Anyway. I knew who it was from so I Accepted it. Later on I found out about a wierd ftc rule online when I was searching as what had happened started to sink in. I was worried. I found out the law says you can keep a package sent to you by mistake as a free gift, so I kept it. I was thinking money, green, and hoes. I wasn't thinking it was a trick nor was I suspecious. By the time I found out it was sent to me by mistake(or so I was told on the phone, it wound up being the authorities sending it as bait) my vision was clouded and I did the wrong thing. THat law is a trick, don't fall for it. Luckly things worked out well for me and I am now a whistle blower and voluntary non paid informant for the local FBI and rightoues in the governemnt.(the good ones not the bad ones, the departments are divided and infiltrated by neo nazi cults but the righteous know) They did the same thing to John sloan from bouncing bear botanicals that they did to edens ethnos, and that's they falsely prosecuted him for something that wasn't illegal and robbed him blind because he made millions and wasn't a servant of the fortune 500 empire that's using police and government to protect their assets. Say that five times fast.I belive they do this to try to instill fear in entrepaneurs for something that isn't illegal. I have noticed they really dont like people selling these plants because they compete with fortune 500 interest.

Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words.. every one.. from his neighbour. ( Don't be a poser )

I am a Christian now, but a 1%er who is not against kratom or cannabis. Anyway back to the story... Unfortunately it was a bait, a snare, a trick. They used it to make me look bad and so the authorities woulnd't believe the valuable information that I had to share about everything that I had witnessed marketing, dealing with shops across the country for over a decade. They did this same thing to bouncing bear botanicals in 2010. They lied to the local news media and slandeorangehim , as the srcso did me. I disclose that full story on this blog: what happened to bouncing bear botanicals So they robbed John sloan, and they robbed the dude who owned edens ethnobotanicals. They called me up pretending to be them ( or perhaps it really was them ) but I def think the authorities sent that as b ait for sure becauase the SRCSO wound up stealing it and selling it on the street. It turned out that there's a neo nazi white supremacist cult in the local srcso and medical here. They are called the odin brotherhood. The FBI in pensaola knows this but I suspect they are in there too. The non white can confirm my testimony is 100% true. I disclose all of it on 850.news and share screenshots of emails and google hangout convos and waybackmachine proof as well. It has been so much fun. I had a lot of haters trying to take me down. It was crazy man. One of the spamdex sites they were using to lower my income by cheating and lowering my rank on Google was called "nobody has the business". So now I have enough to put two and two together, and I can say that it was likely the same neo nazi organization that went after bouncing bear botanicals, and they're in the government. They are the ones who illegally raided edens ethnos, hoping authorities everywhere would follow ( socialist herd like sheep ) They stole his stock and are selling it online around the country, not kidding. You're probably buying kratom that was stolen from edens ethnos aka Sabastian guthery. He made millions on Kratom, and they targeted him and me at the same time. That's how I know this true story, they sent me 100k of his stock as bait with my name on it. I was used to getting free samples from them as I was ranking on the first page of Google for many kratom pages. I intially thought the FDA woulnd't leave them alone so they just passed a bunch down to everyone on their mailing list so it wouldn't go to waste but I was wrong, it was bait. The neo nazi cult in the srcso(odin brotherhood) stole it from me (came while I wa at the flea market and conned my dad out of it, then Joe coleman sr was selling it next door, long story. Feds know) ( Their friends(more neo nazi gangs) out in cali raided that place, "edens ethnos", and then stole his entire stock and shipped some around as bait. I have enough letters to solve the puzzle ) and they are selling it on the street, and their friends sell it in their illegit kratom shops online and around the country. This is what happened in 2016 through 2020ish. They couldn't ban kratom so they stole it. They used their connections at the banks and credit card companies and paypal to cut off competitors and they rigged the market. Don't buy domestically, only buy from Indonesia where it all comes from anyway. They stole Mr Gutherys life and now they're pretending to be him. Losers. They're supremacist and neo nazis.

ScottTheWarrior@juno.com Contact Me With Questions

Long story short: neo nazi cults and supremacist are in police, dea, fda, irs, etc, and they illegally raided Sabastian guthery because they wanted to be him and hated him. They stole his identity , his kratom, baited entrepaneurs with it ( sent them lare quantities with their name on it as a trick ), and are selling stolen kratom in shops online and around the country. The odin brotherhood in the NW florida panhandle is one. The non-whites in the Pensacaola FBI can back up my testimony and confirm that it is true.

They tried to make it look like I wasn't the OG, and I was the looser, but really they're out on the street now copying me with stolen kratom. Me and Edens were the OG's, those losers in the srcso are just that, losers.

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